Peter DeGuzman
Pilates Instructor and Choreographer

Peter is a certified Body Arts and Science International (BASI) Pilates trainer. He found Pilates by way of needing an exercise system that would both strengthen and stretch his muscles.

As a dancer, Peter had experienced some setbacks including a back injury. He was immediately referred to Pilates as a form of rehabilitation and his body greatly benefited from the Pilates emphasis of stretching and strengthening. His core abdominal muscles grew stronger to support his posture and his back pain was subsequently relieved.

Peter has been drawn to Pilates for its movement principles of proper musculoskeletal alignment and placement, proper muscle recruitment for specific exercises, and most of all movement precision and efficiency.

He loves how in one session of Pilates the entire body is addressed so that you feel completely worked out and balanced.

Pilates for men with Peter DeGuzman

Pilates was made by a man, Mr. Joseph Pilates, and in its early days was applied to rehabilitate soldiers injured from World War I.

Peter believes the method is perfect for men because it targets muscles that have been neglected from stretching or have been overdeveloped and tightened.

Through his Pilates experience Peter understands the common muscular weaknesses and limitations that most men must deal with and how the Pilates method can be applied to achieve one's utmost flexibility and strength.

Peter has experience training seniors both men and women, athletes, dancers, and teens along with clients with conditions of diabetes, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and stenosis.

His experience with a wide scope of age groups and different conditions has sharpened his skills at choosing proper exercise programs.

He is a graduate of the Mentor Program with BASI Pilates under its founder Rael Isacowitz. He received a full scholarship and was the first ever recipient of the Kathy Grant Scholarship for the master course. Peter also teaches dance at Santa Monica Community College.

Marie Carolyn Gatus
Pilates Instructor, Dancer, Health & Energy Coach

Carolyn graduated from the world-renowned Body Arts and Science International (BASI) Pilates teacher certification program and has studied under various master and senior teachers such as Sheri Long and Ofie Dates.

Carolyn has always loved movement and in her earlier years received a dance scholarship at Debbie Reynolds Professional Rehearsal Studios. She has danced professionally both in the U.S. and Canada.

With her deep interest in nutrition, body systems, and the mind-body connection, she completed her nutrition studies from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, received her B.S. in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from UCLA, and studied energy healing at The Lionheart Insitute of Transpersonal Energy Healing.

As a dance scholar, teacher, as well as kids' martial arts instructor, she has worked and taught in the field of movement for over 20 years.

Pilates for the mind and body...

Previously, after leaving the dance world, Carolyn worked a high-stress desk job. This resulted in her body breaking down and developing psoriasis. She suffered from psoriatic arthritis in all her joints.

She then learned about Pilates as a low-impact, controlled stretching and strengthening program to help align and rehabilitate the body and bring it back to balance. Shortly after, she tried it and was hooked! She loved how it combines principles of Awareness, Balance, Breath, Concentration, Center, Control, Efficiency, Flow, Precision and Harmony.

Because of Pilates coupled with mindful practice, she was able to overcome her debilitating viral-immune disease and move and dance again. It then became her passion to teach others how to heal energetically and use joyful movement through Pilates so they can feel beautiful, purposeful and energized every day.

She lives by her motto: “Live a Life that Moves You!” and teaches her clients to create positive momentum in their bodies and lives so they can do the same.

Kelli McKee Almo
Pilates Instructor, Dancer

Kelli McKee Almos is a graduate of the prestigious 500-hour Body Arts and Science International (BASI) teacher certification program. She has trained and continues to train under master teachers such as Rael Isacowitz, Jennifer Pearlstein, Sheri Long, and Ofie Dates.

With a love for learning and understanding both the body and movement, Kelli continues her learning through Pilates Method Alliance credited workshops some of which include Pilates for the Mature Client and Unwinding Scoliosis with Pilates.

Kelli's transformation with Pilates

Kelli grew up dancing and working as a professional dancer in Los Angeles dancing on stage, music videos, and television. She dabbled in Pilates in hopes of strengthening her back during a 3-year stint with a scoliosis brace as a child.

It wasn’t until an illness left her very weak and in the hospital for two weeks, that she really understood the transformative significance Pilates can have. When she left the hospital she couldn’t even get through the first exercise of ballet class due to the amount of muscle loss she was suffering from. She needed to gain her strength and muscle back but feared the effect this would have on her dancing. It was then that she started Pilates – 3 times a week for six weeks.

Because of the power, alignment, muscle recruitment, and weighted exercises of the Pilates repertoire, she became a stronger and a better dancer than before the illness. Pilates brought her back to life and she can’t wait to see what it can do for yours!

Kelli leads with compassion, understands your needs, and wants to work to meet your goals no matter what level you are at. Sessions are balanced, extremely precise in movement, and flow so that your mind and body are challenged in a safe, positive environment.

Connie Youn
Pilates Instructor

Connie Youn is a graduate of the prestigious 500-hour Body Arts and Science International (BASI) teacher certification program. She has trained under master teachers such as Sheri Long and Ofie Dates.

Connie is also certified in Pre-Natal, Post-Natal Pilates as well as Diastasis Recti Repair through the Center Method with master teacher Carolyn Anthony.

Fluid movement and proper alignment with Pilates

Connie felt that there was a certain aspect of movement missing through her years working with weights as a personal trainer. She was starting to become more stiff and rigid in her movements. Pilates was always something that was coming in and out of her own fitness routine, and she finally realized that the fluid movements of Pilates while maintaining proper alignment made her move better in other areas of training.

Her goal as a Pilates teacher is to help people move with confidence by learning the proper mechanics of movement and exercise.

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